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flamex?is in its element wherever welding splashes and sparks are flying

flamex?is an extremely tough special tubing made of polyurethane. It is made of flame-resistant material which is free of fluorine and halogen, and also paint-spray inhibiting materials.

flamex?tubing stands out for its high resistance to welding splashes and flying sparks, and is ideally suitable for use in industrial automation.


KKS is the right choice in the case of fire safety standards, fire safety guidelines and legal fire protection requirements

KKS is the special tubing made of polyurethane for all applications in areas in which flame-protected materials are specified, e.g. in aircraft, in building equipment or in rail vehicles (approval to DIN 5510-2), where it has been fully proven in comprehensive practical tests.

We have 8x4mm Flamex Duo tubing and  6x4mm KKS Duo available in stock. Should you require further information or would like to order on any of the Papurex product range please contact us and we’ll gladly assist.

KKS  - Product datasheet


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